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Kendrick Dewminator Controller

Kendrick Dewminator Controller

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Kendrick Dewminator Controller

Our new mid-level controller is the perfect choice for those who are budget conscious, but still want more than basic features.

Dewminator features 4 individual adjustable heater ports and dual DC Accessory Ports that can power other 12V equipment.

Product Features:

  • Heavy-Duty, individually adjustable power output for up to 4 heaters.
  • 2 DC Accessory Ports
  • 15 Amps total power (max 7 Amp with Cigarette Lighter Plug).
  • Dimmable lights! In fact, after 20 seconds, they shut-off! Turning any knob will "wake-up" the lights again.
  • User Changeable Cord.
  • Cord Management - Power other devices using the 2 DC Accessory Ports. For example, our 12V USB Hub.
  • Low Voltage Cut-Off - A Kendrick Standard that saves your battery from permanent destruction.
  • Disable Low Voltage Cut-Off. We don't recommend it, but if you want to drain your battery beyond repair it is now possible.

  • Anderson Power Pole Option: This is a “kit” that you can install on your power cord (replace the cigarette plug). To use this kit, you also need a 12VDC power source that uses Anderson Power Poles, such as Kendrick Portable Power Packs and Power Panels. For convenience, we offer 2 Anderson Kits that include the Red & Black plastic shells and 2 metal contacts. The “pre-welded” kit permanently bonds the plastic shells in the standard Kendrick plug orientation. If you are connecting to a non-Kendrick power source, and are unsure of the plug orientation you need, purchase the "non-welded" model.






    Extra Power Cords are available.. The controller does include a power cord, but some people like a spare cord and they are available for purchase. The power cord is the same used on our DigiFire FX-PRO Controller and can be found in the DigiFire FX-PRO section below. Product SKU: 2001-DF812-PWR - Power Cord for DigiFire 8/12/FX-PRO/Dewminator Controller with 7 Amp fuse

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